Digital Gifting made for the SME world – We chat to our Head of Digital Barry Walsh

We are delighted to share the latest article from WowThanks‘s very own Barry Walsh, Head of Digital. With over 15 years in Digital Technology & Marketing, Customer Experience & Retention. Barry has been at the forefront of both tech product development and digital customer strategies across multiple industries including B2B & B2C for Telco, Agency, Retail (FMCG) and Start-Up’s.

Let’s talk about the power of gifting within businesses. Gifting is not just a nice gesture; it plays a vital role in client retention and customer engagement. In today’s competitive market, it’s essential for businesses to go the extra mile to align with their clients and generate loyalty. One powerful way to achieve this is through strategic gifting.

Gifting creates a lasting impression and shows appreciation to clients, strengthening the business relationship. By surprising clients with thoughtful gifts, businesses can demonstrate their commitment and foster long-term loyalty. It’s a tangible way to make clients feel valued and special.

"Gifting is not just a nice gesture; it plays a vital role in client retention and customer engagement"

But it’s not just about client retention. Gifting can also be a valuable tool for engaging with customers. Incentivising customers with gifts can encourage them to take specific actions, such as making a purchase or referring friends. It’s a great way to drive customer engagement and boost brand advocacy.

Now, let’s talk about SMEs and how they can leverage digital gifting to retain talent and incentivise top performers. In the highly competitive job market, it’s crucial for SMEs to create a positive work culture and keep their employees motivated. Digital gifting provides a flexible and effective solution.

With digital gifting, SMEs can offer personalised rewards to their employees, allowing them to choose from a wide range of options. This empowers employees and ensures they receive a gift that truly resonates with their preferences. Whether it’s a luxury brand, homeware, retail, or sports and leisure, digital gifting provides the freedom to choose something that brings joy or serves a practical purpose.

And here’s where WowThanks comes in. WowThanks is the digital business gifting tool that makes gifting attainable for businesses of all sizes. With WowThanks, businesses only pay for what is actually used, eliminating the uncertainty of giving gift cards that may go unused. The recipient has the power to choose from a curated selection of brands, ensuring they receive a gift they genuinely want and will use.

cross-sell-up-sell-wowthanks sales gifting
drive-team-performance-wowthanks business gifting

What sets WowThanks apart is its fully branded gift experience. Businesses can showcase their brand front and center to the recipient, reinforcing their brand identity and values. It’s a powerful way to create a memorable gifting experience that aligns with the business’s overall brand strategy.

So, whether you’re a small or medium-sized business, WowThanks is the digital gifting tool that empowers you to enhance client relationships, engage with customers, retain talent, and incentivise top performers. It’s time to level up your gifting game and make a lasting impact.

Start your WowThanks journey today and unlock the power of digital gifting for your business.

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