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Create a brand new and vibrant relationship with your customers by using WowThanks…

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Increase Customer Retention

Retaining your customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones! By using WowThanks, you can propel your retention performance by offering smart incentives at critical points in the customer lifecycle that will significantly reduce the dreaded “Customer Churn” result.

WowThanks is the tailer made tool that enables your business to cost effectively influence the customer decision making process. Keep your customers with WowThanks…

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Drive Customer Loyalty

Generating loyalty to your business can be a complex and difficult to achieve ambition. By using WowThanks, you can penetrate the customer conscience and offer targeted rewards that will be valued by your customers.

By acknowledging your customer for their business, you are creating a bond that can be nurtured and grown. The end result is achieving Customer Loyalty!

Use WowThanks to increase Customer Engagement for your business

Boost Brand Awareness

Whether you are an established brand or new to the market and trying to establish your business in a crowded space, you must protect and grow your Brand. WowThanks is the ideal tool to help you boost Brand Awareness!

Create excitement, disrupt your market and attract consumer attention via smart Competitions, Social Media campaigns and Advertising with WowThanks as your reward incentive!

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Make Customers Happy

Does your business monitor Customer Happiness? Are you aware of customer sentiment? Have you measures in place to create and maintain customer approval of your brand?

Tools such as Net Promotor Score and Customer Happiness Index’s are clever ways to keep on top of this important aspect of your customer relationship. Using WowThanks to positively influence your Customer is the smart, cost effective way to achieve Customer Happiness!

Drive Product Awareness

Are you launching a new product or service? Do you need to revitalise an existing product or service? With WowThanks you can propel specific product campaign awareness and engagement!

From Test Drive incentives to Product Trials, Advertising engagement to lead generation – WowThanks is the smart tool that will boost results!

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Engage Customers

Wow your customers with smart rewards they will value!

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