WowThanks is the ideal tool to boost your sales proposition and deliver cost-effective results.

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The gifting platform that delivers

Sales Promotions

Sales promotions present excellent opportunities to attract new audiences and secure their valued custom.

Examples include eCommerce deals, On Pack promotions, Refer-a-Friend and Member-gets-Member sales campaigns. In all cases, results improve dramatically when an appropriate incentive is added to your core sales proposition.

Now with WowThanks you can set up Sales Promotion campaigns in minutes instead of weeks or even months. You can issue as many rewards as you need to support your activity, and crucially only pay for those that are used by your new customers.

Boost your proposition and generate sustainable SALES with WowThanks!

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Cross Sell/Up Sell

Your existing customers are also your potential new customers!

They already like what you provide. So why not encourage them to spend more with your business or to try a new product/service by offering them a gift incentive for doing so?

Deliver quick results using WowThanks, the hassle-free and easy to use speed gifting platform!

Use WowThanks to Drive more Sales for your business

Convert Prospects

“Open an account and spend €500 by Thurs 30th and get a complimentary €100 gift”

Sales incentive campaigns are a proven way to convert prospects. Set up micro-campaigns in minutes targeting smaller prospect groups with more personalized gift options or using a short-window (e.g. 7 days) to generate real, swift sales results.

Agile, speed gifting options from WowThanks will transform how you convert prospects!

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Secure Demos & Meetings

“Jump on our Webinar this Friday 22nd and receive a €20 Just Eat Voucher on us”.

How more likely do you think prospects will join a webinar or take a demo when offered a free gift for doing so? Our data confirms it’s highly likely, with clients seeing a 29% increase in cut through with prospects when using WowThanks as the incentive.

People love receiving a gift so why not give your sales team the tools they need to improve response rates and open more doors!

Transform your Telesales teams performance

Telesales is still one of the most useful sales functions in today’s business with professional Sales Agents progressing and closing sales directly in significant volumes with prospective customers.

Help them close sales with a WowThanks sales incentive – for a fraction of the cost of losing a sale, you can secure it!

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Incentivise sales and say thank you to your customers for their business

WowThanks Clients

the gifting solution trusted by businesses of all sizes

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“To now be able to reach thousands of our customers with the click of a button, offering  gift choices that work is transformative.”





Chris Matthews

-- SSE Airtricity

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“WowThanks has unlocked multiple new sales channels for our company. Exactly what we needed to drive new revenue.”





David Fitzpatrick

-- Clear Strategy

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