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Creating a WowThanks Campaign​

Open your Campaign Portal

You have full control of how you would like to set up each WowThanks campaign. Our easy to use and intuitive client portal enables our clients to create each campaign to suit their requirements.

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Campaign builder surprise and delight WowThanks
Campaign builder your campaign WowThanks
campaign builder digital credit WowThanks

Choose your Brand Partners

Through the WowThanks client portal, you get direct access to the leading Retail Brands and can choose those you want to include on each campaign. Select all or build a tailored list – the choice is all yours!

Set your Campaign Duration 

By setting a Selection Window that’s suits your preferences, you can control the duration of each campaign. This will influence eventual redemption levels and so is an important element to get right. We will guide you along the way and estimate engagement based on the selection window you set!

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add your branding wowthanks corporate gifting

Add your Branding

By utilising the White Label functionality, you can upload your company logo and also set supporting colour pallets that compliment your brand guidelines.

Create campaigns that best showcase your brand with WowThanks!

Deliver Directly to your Audience

WowThanks has a full e-mail communications engine built in to enable clients to send campaigns directly from within the WowThanks platform.

Create and retain recipient lists for future convenience , monitor engagement levels and even send reminders if that’s your preference!

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Seeing your Campaign

Open the Campaign Dashboard

Gain never before seen insight into your campaigns as they progress. WowThanks clients can monitor engagement by campaign and see the associated financial and performance indicators in real-time. 

Most important of all – see your Savings!

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Campaign Value WowThanks
Savings WowThanks
Usage digital credit WowThanks
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usage graphic WowThanks
digital gift effectiveness WowThanks

Measure Gift Popularity!

What gifts are working? Are certain brands resonating with certain segments? Learn more about your prospects, employees and clients by understanding their gift preferences and how to best shape future campaigns! 

See your Savings Add Up

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing money well spent! With WowThanks you get full visibility on Gift Code usage and that means full visibility on the savings made with WowThanks – this important information is not made available by other Gift providers!

Business gifting savings-wowthanks
manage-budget-dashboard wowthanks business gifting platform
gifting budget commercials WowThanks

Manage your Budget

Take full control of your WowThanks budget and manage your activities within our easy-to-use Accounts section. Make payments, reconcile past campaigns and see your WowThanks credit rebates all in a single view!

And don’t forget the WowThanks team are always here to help!

Customer Support Service

WowThanks provides a full customer support function to help any customers that require assistance. 

Although our Customer Support Department isn’t busy 😉  – it’s fully resourced with passionate team members who care for our clients and all WowThanks gift recipients! 

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