Why Digital Gifting is perfect for events

Unlocking Event Success with Digital Gifting: Engage, Convert, and Thrive!

Events, whether virtual or in person, are an integral part of business growth and networking. In this digital age, incorporating digital gifting into event strategies can be a game-changer. It allows event organisers to engage attendees, convert business leads, and showcase appreciation to suppliers/exhibitors.

Let’s explore why digital gifting for events and how it can revolutionise your approach.

Engaging Attendees with Pre or Post-Event Digital Gifts:

Digital gifting offers a unique opportunity to engage event attendees even before or after the event. By providing a thoughtful digital gift in advance, such as a personalised digital gift you can create excitement and anticipation. After the event, expressing gratitude with a digital gift as a follow-up ensures a lasting impression. These gestures foster a sense of connection and leave attendees with positive memories of your event.

Example: Imagine offering pre-event digital gift with the choice of Transportation gifts “Don’t miss a second of our great event line-up, Get here on time” Choose an Uber or Free Now on us. This not only engages participants but ensures the event resonates a positive .

Converting Business including Exhibitor & Ticket Sales and Event Attendance:

Digital gifting can be a powerful tool for converting business ticket sales and increasing event attendance. By including a digital gift incentive alongside ticket purchases, such as an exclusive discount or a limited-time offer, you create added value for potential attendees. This motivates them to take action, boosting registration numbers and driving ticket sales.

Example: Offering a digital gift for a popular online retailer as an incentive can entice potential attendees to secure their spot at the event. It provides them with a tangible benefit and enhances the overall value proposition of attending, with WowThanks we have 100’s to choose from.

Building Stronger Supplier Relationships through Digital Gifts:

Events rely on the support and collaboration of suppliers and sponsors. By incorporating digital gifting into your supplier management strategy, you can demonstrate your appreciation and value for their business. Digital gifts can go beyond simple discounts and showcase a genuine desire to nurture the partnership.

Example: Sending a digital gift to a supplier for a team lunch as a token of gratitude enhances the supplier’s experience and reinforces the relationship. It helps create long-term partnerships built on mutual appreciation and collaboration

Why WowThanks is the Perfect Digital Gifting Solution for Forward-Looking Event Companies:

WowThanks is an ideal digital gifting solution for event companies that strive to be forward-thinking and tech-focused. With our platform, you can seamlessly integrate digital gifts into your event strategies, creating memorable experiences for attendees, boosting conversions, and building stronger supplier relationships.

WowThanks offers a wide range of digital gift options with over 1,000 brands to choose from. Our platform provides customisation and scalability, ensuring that your digital gifts align with your event’s brand and goals. With data-driven insights, you can track gift redemptions, engagement rates, and preferences, allowing you to optimise your gifting strategies for future events.

Best of all you only pay for the Gifts that are actually used!

By embracing WowThanks, event companies can unlock the full potential of digital gifting, taking their events to new heights of engagement, conversion, and supplier appreciation.

Get in touch with our team at www.wowthanks.com or reach out directly to me via Linkedin Barry Walsh Head of Digital, WowThanks

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