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Today, let’s delve into a strategy that’s transforming the survey landscape: digital rewards have never been so easy via WowThanksDigital Gifting to reward participants is a must to ensure survey engagement.

Elevating the Survey Experience:

Surveys are vital tools for gathering insights, but what if we could make them even more engaging? That’s where WowThanks comes in. By offering digital rewards to survey takers, we’re turning participation into an experience that participants actually look forward to and receive a reward for their valued insight.

Discover a World of Brand Choices:

Imagine giving your survey participants the freedom to choose rewards that resonate with them. WowThanks opens the door to over 1,000 brands across Ireland, the UK, and the US. This not only adds a personal touch but also adds intrinsic value to their feedback contribution.

Boosting Engagement: The Numbers Don't Lie:

It’s fascinating how a simple incentive can impact engagement levels. Research reveals that surveys featuring digital gift incentives see participation rates increase by up to 50%. This speaks volumes about the human nature of seeking value in exchange for effort.

Seamlessly Integrating with Existing Tools:

If you’re already using a survey tool, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. WowThanks can be integrated into many survey solutions through the WowThanks API. This seamless connection ensures that the distribution of gifts can happen automatically, streamlining your process.

In a world where engagement matters more than ever, WowThanks is shaping the survey landscape. It’s about turning surveys from mundane tasks into interactive experiences. So, whether you’re a survey solution provider or a business running surveys, consider harnessing the power of digital gifting to make your surveys stand out.

We are delighted to be working with clients across Ireland, the UK, Australia and New Zealand in rewarding surveys with a click.

"We are starting to use the platform daily which is fantastic 😊!

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