WowThanks is the flexible Gifting solution that can be applied to your Team, Customer or Client reward strategies…!

See how you can use WowThanks to boost your business performance…

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The gifting platform that delivers

Drive Sales

WowThanks is the ideal tool to boost your sales proposition and deliver cost-effective results.

Click below to learn how you can use WowThanks to Drive Sales.

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Customer Engagement

Create a brand new and vibrant relationship with your customers by using WowThanks…

Send happiness. A happy customer is a loyal customer!

Click below to learn how WowThanks can help you nurture your customers and clients.

Team Gifting

Show your team you care, acknowledge their efforts and reward performance with WowThanks!

Click below and learn how you can use  WowThanks to boost morale and retain great people within your Team.

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Do you say Thanks?

Don't underestimate the power of saying "Thanks"...!

Letting customers or team members know you appreciate them will pay you back!

WowThanks Leading the way in simplifying Business Gifting

Your brand front and centre​

You can fully incorporate your business logo and brand guidelines into your WowThanks gifting campaign.

Create a truly unique and on-brand experience for your recipients!

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Secure & Intuitive Client Portal

Manage every element of your campaigns through our easy-to-use Client Portal. 

You have full control of every aspect – from choosing Gift Partners to setting Campaign rules and monitoring your Budget!

Insights like never before via WowThanks Reporting

See how your campaigns are performing in full detail.

What brands were popular, what denominations were selected, what was the actual usage on your Gifts – we give you the information other providers won’t provide!

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Create Recipient lists for your campaigns!

Whether you are gifting internal team members, business divisions or external customers – you can create and retain Recipient Lists for ease of future repeat usage.

Not only that, why not use the WowThanks communication module that enables you to send both branded E-Mail & SMS directly from within WowThanks!

WowThanks Clients

the gifting solution trusted by businesses of all sizes

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“To now be able to reach thousands of our customers with the click of a button, offering  gift choices that work is transformative.”





Chris Matthews

-- SSE Airtricity

WowThanks business gifting Client - Clear Strategy

“WowThanks has unlocked multiple new sales channels for our company. Exactly what we needed to drive new revenue.”





David Fitzpatrick

-- Clear Strategy

Wow your clients, prospects and employees!
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